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Sylvan A.

"Gayle and Lauren design personalized, form-focused programs that help you get stronger and increase mobility. Their workouts teach you to understand your body and move with greater intention.
Since I started working out at FIT, I’ve broken through a running plateau with relative ease, dramatically increased core stability, and decreased chronic discomfort. I’ve also had a ton of fun!
FIT Carrboro is a serious training gym, but it’s also an incredible community. Your glutes and lats will work hard, but your laughing muscles will work hard too!"

Matt D.

"I was motivated to try personal training with Lauren due to a decade of chronic low back pain and regular small but debilitating muscle pulls and strains in my neck and back that were really impacting my quality of life.
My chronic low back pain has almost completely gone away and all sorts of physical movements that used to cause pain in my back have disappeared. I've also gotten significantly stronger and more toned across my entire body and that feels amazing."


"I first contacted Gayle during COVID-19 because I knew her studio was very safety cautious and I thought it would be a good place to re-enter the world of fitness.   

While wanting to make it a priority to keep age-related strength sessions in mind, it was also important for me to align myself with someone that has an in-depth understanding of body mechanics to help me navigate around existing injuries/ailments. 


Gayle is super mindful to always check in to see how I’m feeling and I really appreciate that about her.  Regardless of what may be going on, she always has a work-round that keeps us in forward motion."

Mary G.

Very friendly, clean place for personal training. I’ve been working out with Kevin and I can’t recommend him enough. I look forward to my twice weekly sessions because there’s always new circuits to try. Highly recommend!

Victoria E.

I didn't think I could afford personal training, and I wasn't sure I could ever really do it well enough. Now both are possible in this gym and with Anna. I take care of my elderly parents, have a busy full time job and family responsibilities. With COVID, all of it felt harder. I finally went ahead and put myself first -- I'm trying to avoid knee arthroscopy and my hope is that this will be the key. It's already helping. The pain is now manageable -- my hope is to get it down to a 2 or less. Anna is perfect for me and so encouraging. It's also FUN. Who knew? Don't hesitate. FIT will figure out the best person for you and figure out how you can make it work in your budget.

Tanner H.

When I arrive at FIT I always feel welcome and among friends. In particular, I’ve been working with Kevin for about 4 months and my experience so far has been wonderful. He’s an amazing trainer who excels at building strength and confidence through a seemingly unlimited diversity of exercises—feels like no two visits are the same. It’s been great for my mental and physical health!

Sue K.

"I’ve worked out with Lauren for over four years, and even after all this time, I continue to be amazed at how incredibly smart and gifted she is as a trainer. She’s brilliant at personalizing my workouts to meet my unique needs and somehow keeps them fresh and fun. On top of that she happens to be a warm, caring, wonderful human being. Lauren is the best of the best."

Jennifer B.

"I love the warm and friendly atmosphere of FIT Carrboro. Gayle has always been positive and encouraging, and she’s always challenging me with new exercises and equipment. I feel stronger and more well balanced since I started, and look forward to continued progress as Gayle continues to raise the bar for me."

Tom C.

"At 77 it was clear that I needed help in approving my mobility skills. Just getting up from chairs was often a problem. After recognizing my problem Lauren came to the rescue!
After two years with Lauren, I’m now able and comfortable moving through my daily tasks. It has also been interesting to note my strength has improved significantly. I’m certainly looking forward to continuing my work with Lauren. Put simply, Lauren has made my life better."

Becca & Joe

"Joe’s dream was to hike Half Dome in Yosemite, and he entered the lottery each year. He finally ‘won’ this year (2023). We started training with Kevin's help seriously in June. We did the hike on Tuesday, September 5 with our friend, Regina (age 65). We started at 2:30 a.m., hiked up the Mist Trail in the dark and reach the sub-dome by 10 a.m. We descended down the John Muir trail and finished around 5:30 pm. Total was 21 miles and >54,000 steps and over 5000 feet in elevation gain. We celebrated with pizza and 12 hours of sleep. Kevin is the best trainer and without all of his coaching, pushing, making us wear that heavy pack thing, all the side stepping, and weight training, we could have never done it."

Gae W.

"Looking for a supportive environment to pursue your fitness goals? FIT Carrboro is the place. Not a once-size-fits-all gym, this studio is interested in YOU. Trainers collaborate with you on achieving the flexibility and strength you need to handily accomplish your daily goals in a welcoming physical and mental space. There’s even laughter! I have worked with Anna for almost a year now and am delighted with the experience and the results. Whether you simply want to improve your balance and stamina, or train for a triathlon, I encourage you to try FIT Carrboro."

Erica E.

"I work with Anna and I really love her. I feel better than I've felt in a long time."


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