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Here's What We Offer!

Personal Training & Group Classes to help you get FIT for Life




This is what we do best!

Work with us in person at the studio in a completely personalized, one on one setting for your best results

$85 / hour

$960 / 12 hours



Your personal trainer will take care of billing.

Cards, checks, and exact cash accepted.

Ask about partner training rates

Ask about 30 and 45 minute sessions too!



We offer several class formats:

FIT Circuit

T & Th @ 7am with Gayle

$25 Drop In

Ongoing Weekly beginning Jan 10

Strength & Conditioning Stations

for Total Body Strength


FIT Intervals

Sat @ 9am with Zoe

10 Weeks $200 / $25 Drop In

January 21 - March 25

Timed Intervals of Cardio & Strength

Exercises for Total Body Conditioning

FIT Pilates

Sat @ 10am with Gayle

10 Weeks $200 / $25 Drop In

January 21 - March 25

Foundational Pilates exercises to promote

total body alignment, stability & strength



Self Care Roll & Stretch

Sunday @ 10:00 - 11:30am


April 23

Cost includes set of six massage balls

In this specialty workshop with Lauren, you will relax contracted and immobile muscles, improve your circulation, stimulate your stretch reflex, and learn self-myofascial release techniques to help you relax and practice self care.


You'll receive a kit with six different foam massage balls and tools to use during class,

and then take them with you when you leave so you can continue your practice on your own.

Get to Know Us

For us, FIT stands for Functional Integrative Training. 


Functional exercises are designed to train and develop your musculoskeletal system to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities, such as getting up from a chair or the floor, climbing stairs, carrying groceries, running to catch the bus, or playing a game of basketball with your kids. It focuses on integration: teaching all the muscles in the body to work together synergistically.  A functional exercise challenges balance and coordination while simultaneously improving strength and range of motion. Developing better functional fitness will help prevent injury and improve your overall quality of life.


Integrative exercises focus on flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, core stability, balance, power, and strength. Incorporating these components in every program enables you to meet your fitness and lifestyle goals. Over time you will see improvement in your body composition, endurance, and sports performance.

The Trainers at FIT Carrboro are nationally certified and stay current with industry standards through ongoing education. Each session is customized to meet the needs of each client. Our studio is located in the heart of beautiful Carrboro, North Carolina, just steps from Chapel Hill.

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