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Pre-Season Young Elites

New Summer Youth Program with Coach Gabby

Thank you for your interest in Young Elites - we are excited to have you! This class series is for athletes aged 13-18 and focuses on sports performance training to increase athletes strength, speed, agility, vertical and coordination for their sport. 

Starting June 18th, all classes are Tuesdays/Thursdays from 7:15 pm-8:15 pm. Please complete the form below to reserve your spot in class. Reminder: There are 12 spots per class. If you sign up and there are no spots available, Coach Gabby will contact you directly. Thank you! 


Upcoming Events:

  • Roll & Stretch Mobility Workshop

    Wednesday, September 4th @ 5:30pm with Lauren (90 min)
    • Learn how muscle tissue massage works and why to do it
    • Learn how to use rollers, balls, and stretch techniques
    • Test & re-test movements to see the immediate results
    • Learn relaxation techniques and self care strategies
    • Leave class feeling relaxed and mobile
    • You get to keep the bundle of roller tools when you leave!
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